Candle Survival Kit


Candle Care Tool Set for all Burning Rituals from Boy Smells Includes:

Oval Tray: A handsome, minimalist tray to rest your tool set or candle upon.

Wick Trimmer: This scissor-like device will clip the ashy, excess wick bit, ensuring that your next candle experience will be a clean burn.

Snuffer: Snuffs out your flame. Simply lay the dome head over the flame for a few seconds. And voila. Extinguished flame.

Wick Dipper: An alternative to the snuffer, the dipper is a smoke-free method of extinguishing your flame. Use the hook and gently submerge the wick into the molten wax, then pull it back up. Flame free! Bonus — Is your wick off-center? The dipper can also be used to adjust the placement of your wick.